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The Mindboggle project's mission is to improve the accuracy, precision, and consistency of automated labeling and shape analysis of human brain image data. We promote open science by making all software, data, and documentation freely and openly available.

Citing MindboggleΒΆ

The following article serves as the primary reference for citing the Mindboggle software (see related articles in Papers):

papers/Mindboggle_bioRxiv2016_Fig7top.png Klein A, Ghosh SS, Bao FS, Giard J, Hame Y, Stavsky E, Lee N, Rossa B, Reuter M, Neto EC, Keshavan A. (2017) Mindboggling morphometry of human brains.
PLoS Computational Biology 13(3): e1005350. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005350

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