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Mindboggle Data

Data related to the Mindboggle project (example input, output, and test data, templates, atlases, papers, posters, etc.) are all available in Mindboggle's Open Science Framework page. For example: papers/Mindboggle_bioRxiv2016_Fig7top.png      papers/HBM2015_ROYGBIV.png

Mindboggle-101 Data

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of free, manually labeled human brain image data!

The following article describes the labels and brains:
101 labeled brain images and a consistent human cortical labeling protocol
Arno Klein, Jason Tourville. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods. 6:171.

papers/Mindboggle101_FIBIM2012.png      posters/Neuroinformatics2012_Mindboggle101.png

The Mindboggle-101 data consist of three data sets:
  • individually labeled human brain surfaces and volumes
  • templates (unlabeled images combining the individual brains, used for registration)
  • atlases (anatomical labels combining the individual brains, used for labeling)
Mindboggle-101 data, code, and documents have been updated (v3 on 2019-04-03) and are available from the Mindboggle-101 Open Science Framework page, which is the primary repository. Data are also available at the Mindboggle101 Harvard Dataverse and Synapse (which requires login with an email address). Except where noted, all data are licensed under a Creative Commons License as nifti volumes, vtk surfaces, and FreeSurfer files.