brainCOLOR is interested in brain anatomical labels and labeling methods.

Cortical labeling (Desikan-Killiany-Tourville) protocol (Mindboggle project)

Whole-brain labeling protocol (Neuromorphometrics)

Colormaps optimized for labeling/viewing groups of adjacent regions

Volume viewer for viewing sample labels

June 2016:   The optimal colormap code has taken a new life within the Mindboggle software project.

May 2016:   The Mindboggle-101 DKT labeled data are on Harvard Dataverse!

June 2015:   The DKT labeling protocol is codified in Mindboggle code.

Dec. 2012:   The labeling protocol has been published!

Aug. 2011:   First application of the finalized whole-brain protocol: 20 repeat-scan OASIS brain images.

Nov. 2010:   Society for Neuroscience poster: "An interactive tool for constructing optimal brain colormaps"

Jun. 2010:   Human Brain Mapping poster: "Open labels: online feedback for a public resource of manually labeled brain images"

Feb. 2010:   Google group to discuss labels, labeling methods, color maps, etc.

Nov. 2009:   First meeting, held at Neuromorphometrics, Inc.

Aug. 2009:   Surveys administered to solicit feedback about our labeling protocol.

Organizer & website: Arno Klein

Labeling leader: Andrew Worth
Neuromorphometrics, Inc., MA

Labeling protocol: Jason Tourville
Dept. of Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University

Ruth Carper
Center for Human Development, UCSD

Georges Salamon
Dept. of Radiology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

More members: Greg Millington
Neuromorphometrics, Inc.

David Kennedy
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center, Wooster, MA

Satrajit S. Ghosh
Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT

Bennett Landman
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Steve Pieper
Isomics, Inc., MA

David Shattuck

Neuromorphometrics is being funded by grant R43 MH084358 from the NIMH.

Arno Klein is the P.I. of NIMH-funded R01 grant MH084029.